Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is a procedure through which any deformed or affected teeth, such as a tooth with cavity, decay, or the one that has undergone a trauma situation must be extracted. This procedure is usually done when a specific tooth is damaged and contains the potential to damage the adjacent teeth as well.
tooth extraction
The causes for tooth extraction can vary from patient to patient, depending on their health history, previous tooth condition and oral hygiene. However, some of the most probable causes of tooth extraction can be as follows:

The gum is crowded

If the gum contains too many teeth and new teeth (for instance, wisdom teeth) are trying to emerge, there is a possibility that the patient would require tooth extraction. Additionally, if a tooth is unable to emerge out through the gum, it might lead to an intense sensation of pain. In this case, the dentist might suggest extracting the tooth.

Microbial infection

If the patient has poor oral hygiene, it may lead to the accumulation of a certain type of highly poisonous bacteria which can affect their oral health tremendously.

Tooth decay can be caused when a particular microbial infection has reached the pulp and has affected a section of the jaw bone tissue. This might lead to a grave condition and the doctor might decide to extract the tooth.

Chances of damaging other teeth

If an infected site has the potential to damage the surrounding teeth and gums, extraction of the affected or decayed teeth might become a crucial step to take.