Periodontal Treatment and Gum Disease

The Periodontium region in the mouth can also be prone to several infections and diseases. Periodontium is a specialized region around the teeth that helps to provide rigidity to the teeth and hold them to the maxillary and mandibular bones.

Periodontium might be exposed to certain forms of bacteria or viruses that can affect your overall dental health. Periodontitis is a dental condition that occurs when microorganisms attack the periodontium region, leading to bleeding and a foul smell in the mouth.

The treatment of periodontitis involves cleaning around the pocket of the teeth and gums to prevent the spreading of any infection to the jawbones. In case the cleansing treatment does not work, other forms of treatment such as scaling and root canal treatment might also work. Dentists might opt for other surgical methods such as tissue grafting, bone grafting, pocket reduction surgery, tissue regeneration procedure etc.
periodontal treatment gum disease