Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a crucial procedure in the field of dentistry wherein an affected or infected tooth has the potential of traversing to the bone tissue and affecting the gum. In this procedure, the dentist makes sure not to uproot the teeth, rather treat them in their place.

Root canal treatment involves the complete removal of the pulp from the root of the tooth and refilling the area with substantial fluids. This basic concept behind root canal treatment is to completely clear the root canal region of a tooth to prevent the spread of a particular infection.

Root canal treatment is given to patients who suffer from tooth decay and cavities. If not treated at the opportune time, the decay can spread through the pulp of the tooth to the nerve fibres lying underneath the jaw bone. This can lead to sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures in the tooth.

If the condition keeps deteriorating, it might lead to the necrosis of important gum tissues. Therefore, the pain will keep radiating to the ears and cheeks. It is impossible to tolerate the pain and dentists need to immediately opt for root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment involves the complete removal of the infected pulp so that the spread of the infection can be stopped immediately. Following this, a disinfectant is used to completely sterilize the canal and refill it with a filling to ensure safety and strength to your teeth’ roots.
root canal treatment