Prevention and Fillings

Tooth decay is a painful disease of the teeth wherein some of the teeth undergo decaying due to the presence of unwanted microbes present inside the mouth that eats away the enamel, digging a hole or “cavity”.

Poor oral hygiene might lead to cavities which can make an individual’s life truly miserable. To prevent dental problems, proper care of teeth and gums must be taken at all times. Make sure to regularly visit an expert dentist to ensure that your teeth are safe from cavities and gum problems.

In case, a patient has cavities in their tooth, dental fillings can be an efficient way to get rid of them. Dental fillings are substances that aid the process of filling up any cavities or holes present in a tooth. Fillings are made of substances that provide strength to the teeth and eliminate the risks of tooth falling. Additionally, they are made of substances that are enamel coloured, and hence they can easily blend in with the rest of the teeth, making the whole jaw look healthy and natural.

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Dental fillings can be made of certain specific substances. Some of them are as follows:

Ceramic Filling

Ceramic is a substance that provides strength and resistance to the tooth. It contains porcelain, a material resistant to staining. With proper oral hygiene, porcelain fillings can last for a very long time.

Resin or composite Filling

Composite fillings are similar to ceramic fillings. The only reason why most people prefer composite filling is due to its natural enamel-like composition that blends in naturally with the rest of the teeth.

Amalgam Filling

Amalgam filling is composed of a unique metal amalgam composed of two different metals that provides strength and resistance to the teeth as well as improve its appearance.